Water Main Repair Services

When disaster strikes, we work fast to repair water main breaks

When Disaster Strikes (commercial condo in distress)

A property manager in distress called Choice Plumbing when she faced a real disaster in the parking garage of her condo!

Water Main Repair Services

After calling numerous other plumbing companies in the area, she made the right Choice and called us. We were the only company that had the correct equipment to fix the problem!

The high rise condominium in downtown Orlando had a major flood in the parking basement. On top of the flood, the water main to the entire building was turned off, so we had to work fast to ensure the water was restored quickly to residents. Unlike the other companies the property manager called, Choice Plumbing had the 4” copper fittings and the latest Ridgid Pro Press copper press machine. Using this state-of-the-art equipment, we were able to make the fix in minutes without having to drain all the water from the building! We saved them time and money!

The Scary Truth On Water Main Breaks!

Did you know that there are over 850 water main breaks EVERY DAY around North America? This leads to repair costs totaling over $3 BILLION! The major causes for water main breaks are corrosion, leaks and breaks in the decades-old technology. In case you did not know, a water main is the pipe that connects your home to the public water supply.

Water mains are the pipes that carry out the public’s water delivery and sewage treatment systems. Obviously, these systems are critical to the wellbeing of the environment and general public health. Besides these threats, broken water mains also disrupt traffic, deplete the water supply, tie-up emergency equipment and cause lost work time. This worrying epidemic is caused mainly by the materials that were used in the beginnings of America’s underground pipe networks a hundred years ago. Usually, cast iron was used to construct these water and sewage pipes. Later, ductile iron replaced many cast iron pipes. Now, many years later, these materials have been ravaged by time. Water main breaks can also occur when we experience overly dry or wet weather conditions. These extreme changes in weather can cause the ground to shift which can result in a break around the diameter of the pipe.

Most homeowners may experience a broken water main only once in their lifetime. While a rare occurrence, water main breaks are a stressful occasion and require the knowledge and expertise of a licensed plumber. Signs of a water main break in or around your home include the observation of a stream of water on your property or in the roadway, rumbling or hissing coming from the water main point of entry into the home, or a loss of water pressure in the home. These symptoms may also be an indication of other plumbing issues, so of course it is best to call Choice Plumbing so we can confirm the source of the issue.

Unfortunately, water main breaks and other plumbing emergencies rarely like to follow a homeowner’s schedule. That is why Choice Plumbing is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! So no matter if your water main decides to break at 3 am on a Wednesday night, or 6 pm in the middle of Sunday dinner, we will be there to help!

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