Water Leak Detection Services

We use Infrared Thermal Imaging to Locate Water Leaks

If you’ve recently had a water leak as a home or business owner, you know how frustrating the issue can be. Besides the visual deterioration, one of the worst consequences of a water leak can be the concealed destruction behind walls, ceilings and floors that can hide even more extensive damage.

Water Leak Detection Services Orlando

This can lead to rapidly growing mold that can become unruly and sickening, and may not be detected until inhabitants become very ill.

That is where the expertise of Choice Services comes to the rescue. Infrared Detection is one of the components of our state-of-the-art Leak Detection Services, and allows us to investigate leaks without the destruction of your structure.

The technology of infrared detection is an amazing tool that can save your walls! Formally called Infrared Thermography (IT), this technology produces images that would normally be invisible to the human eye by capturing the infrared light emitted by objects to the heat, or the lack of heat, in the object. This image is called a thermogram. This infrared energy is invisible to the naked eye because its wavelengths are too long for the human eye. Since moisture is cooler than construction materials, the IT camera can detect the moisture behind the walls or floors. This early detection can allow us to remediate the leak problem before mold grows so rampant that it is visible or detectable by smell.

Our IT technology will prevent destructive probing of your home or office, allow Choice to remediate the problem before repairs become more costly or extensive, and find the origin of the water leaks. IT technology will also find a pinpoint leak, which otherwise could lead to major water damage but may have been almost impossible to find with other traditional leak detection methods.

Choice also handles all of the insurance requirements for the leak detection and remediation, and will deal directly with the insurance companies to take the burden off of our clients.

We Can Locate Any Type of Water Leak

We use a combination of water leak detection instruments to detect the area of the water leak. This avoids damaging your home with unnecessary holes! We utilize the latest flir infrared thermal imaging camera with picture and recording ability giving the home owner the proper documentation if an insurance claim is needed.


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