Water Damage Remediation Services

Orlando Water Damage Experts

Choice Plumbing Orlando knows the extensive damage that water can cause when it arrives in areas of your home or office that it should not appear. We take water damage seriously and work diligently to restore any damage you may have experienced.

Water Damage Remediation Services Orlando

When your home or business is affected by water damage, assessing and remediating the damage is the highest priority for Choice Plumbing Orlando. We can help owners categorize the water loss based on the length of time the water has affected the structure. We then map out a drying plan in order to remediate and restore the structure to its original state.

Our team extracts as much water as possible, as this expedites the drying process and lessens the amount of drying equipment needed to complete the dry-out. The proper way to dry a structure is by extraction and evaporation with dehumidifiers. Choice uses the latest in drying equipment technology and all of our technicians are trained to meet and exceed the industry standards.

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