Sewer Repair Services

We handle all tree roots, under slab, clogged sewer line repairs

We know how tree roots can cause urgent repairs. We know how quickly tree roots can explode into drains but we also know how to repair and prevent them.

Sewer Repair Services

Roots Ruin Pipes

Your garden or driveway trees may be your pride and joy! They may evoke memories of a loved one; but did you know before you planted the tree how deep the roots would grow?

You may have a beautiful Gingko or Red Maple with leaves that block your drains? Costs could be high if sewer waste gets into your home due to blocked drains!

Your Evergreen may be causing drainage channels to get trashed as its roots burst through the ground and cause a sudden emergency!

And all caused by tree roots causing back up and discharge! As a caring homeowner do you know which type of drain, pipes and drainage system run under your lanai, dining room, even swimming pool?

Your pipes or drains could be old, rotting and get swallowed up by ever increasing tree roots just waiting to burst into your driveway, garage or even chase you down the street!

Choice Plumbing and Emergency Drain Services, Orlando will help you get back on your feet.

We know how tree roots can cause urgent repairs. We know how quickly tree roots can explode into drains, but we also know how to repair and prevent them.

Tree root intrusion can be just the start of your problems with your plumbing and drainage. At Choice Plumbing and Emergency Drain Services we have the ability to repair and refurbish all pipes, we have the tools to unblock your drains and we have the power to get your water pipes flowing smoothly and smelling sweetly!

The best choice of plumber to remove tree roots from sewer lines, the best choice of plumber for backup emergencies when tree roots infest your pipes; the best Choice Plumbing and Emergency Drain Services on your doorstep in Orlando.

Under Slab Sewer Repair

Let’s look at a recent emergency for a homeowner and an example of Choice Plumbing Under a Driveway Pipe Repair, Longwood Florida.

Here, the customer reported a problem with their sewer line under the driveway to several companies as it was backing up and clogging up. They snaked the line but it just kept coming back until Choice Plumbing were called. The homeowner had heard excellent feedback in College Park, Downtown Orlando about the thorough and professional work of the team at Choice Plumbing, so out we went.

We temporarily snaked the line and videoed to establish the pipe’s problems. Using our high tech video, we could see a number of holes and areas where the pipes were broken due to tree roots. Such a frequent problem in this part of Florida is old Terracotta pipes which break up over time from the pressure of tree roots. So having quickly established the problem, we set about removing the old Terracotta sewer pipes, cutting a section into the driveway ready to replace the entire line with strong PVC pipes. You can see from the video of us doing this repair that multiple pipes were fractured, separated, falling apart or broken, you’d never guess that something as harmless as tree roots would cause such damage to pipes!

But a lot of homes in Orlando have this problem. After checking if other sewer or water pipes in the property need replacing, we neatly filled in the trench and redid the driveway.

So the difference for this customer was that we established the actual problem, we ensured a long term solution and we showed we really were the best Choice Plumbing and Emergency Drain Services in Orlando, Florida.

Clogged Sewer Line

Choice Plumbing was called to an older home in College Park for a clogged sewer line issue that was giving the homeowner many headaches. The homeowner had used a different plumbing company in the past that had snaked the line over and over without any permanent results. So finally, after a referral from a good friend, the homeowner called Choice Plumbing.

We were able to use our state-of-the-art sewer cameras to take a look inside the pipe and figure out the “root” of the issue once and for all. Once we discovered the real problem, we were able to replace the old and cracked terracotta pipes with strong PVC pipes that will not be penetrated by tree roots in the future. Check out the video of the job, and see actual footage from inside the pipe where you can see the roots invading the pipe and causing the backups.

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