Copper Water Pipe Leak Repair Services

Leaking copper pipes? We can repair easily for you.

We Can Locate Any Type of Water Leak
We use a combination of instruments to detect the area in order to avoid damaging your home with unnecessary holes!

Copper Water Pipe Leak Repair Services

We utilize the latest flir infrared thermal imaging camera with picture and recording ability giving the home owner the proper documentation if an insurance claim is needed.

Orlando Copper Pipe Repair

Do you have a leaking Copper Pipe?
Copper pipes are historically the most popular material used in residential plumbing systems throughout the last hundred years. Copper pipes began to replace lead pipes in residential plumbing during the 1930’s. Up until the 1970’s, most plumbing was copper. During the last few decades, cheaper plastic plumbing has been replacing copper as a less expensive alternative.

Copper has long been considered one of the best choices for plumbing systems. In fact, ancient Egyptians used copper pipes in their drainage systems. Unearthed in a 4,500 year old pyramid, the copper pipe system was still standing even though the temples were in very poor condition. Copper is considered by many homeowners and plumbing experts to be the best material for plumbing systems. Nearly 85% of American homes have copper in the piping systems. Copper became so popular in the 19th century because of its many advantages over other piping materials. Copper plumbing can easily outlast the life of your home. In fact, copper pipes lifespan is at least 50 years. Copper is impermeable and biostatic. No contaminants can penetrate it, and it actually inhibits the growth of bacteria! Besides being a natural material, it is also environmentally friendly. It can handle extreme conditions, surviving repeated freeze-thaw cycles. It is rigid and won’t sag over long runs. It can withstand 1,000 pounds of pressure per square inch. Copper also won’t crack or crumble with age. Copper pipes also won’t burn in a house fire or give off toxic fumes. In fact, copper plumbing is frequently the only thing left standing after a devastating house fire.

Since copper systems usually require little to no maintenance, the overall price of a copper plumbing system is about the same as other systems when factoring in after-installation repairs. Although very reliable, copper can require occasional repairs. Choice Plumbing is fully trained to repair copper plumbing. Pinhole leaks can form in copper pipes after time has gone by. Although not fully understood, factors that can cause pinholes in copper can include changes in water chemistry. Also, areas with acidic water supply can develop bitter-tasting water and pinhole leaks. The step before a pinhole forms is known as pitting (or corrosion). This can also be caused by changes in water chemistry. Choice Plumbing can repair these pinhole leaks. We can also recommend options to the homeowner to prevent future copper pipe leaks.

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